Community Health Needs Assessment Survey On-Line


WESTON, WV (March 14, 2022) – Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital (SJMH) together with the Gilmer County and the Lewis County Health Departments, is coordinating the 2022 Community Healthcare Needs Assessments (CHNA.)  The goal is to assess the health needs of area residents and formulate plans to combat those issues. 

In 2019, the CHNA highlighted the major healthcare concerns of local citizens and included: obesity, diabetes, cancer, drug use, and heart disease.  The three healthcare organizations were able to devise plans to work on those issues.

“The great advantage to completing an assessment is that we find the health interests and needs of our community’s residents,” said SJMH Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Stalnaker. “This is our fourth assessment and what we have discovered in the past is that the concerns of residents generally mirror own concerns.  Obesity, cardiac disease, drug use, and diabetes have been ongoing problems voiced by our residents. In response we have created events such as walk/runs and led in the creation of playgrounds to encourage positive physical activity. We have also created programs to combat diabetes and drug use.  That is why we ask the public to participate in this project so that SJMH can provide more positive health tools for our residents to manage their health.”

The first phase of the CHNA is an online survey, which can be found at  It will take an average of nine minutes to complete it. The survey is also available in paper version and can be attained by calling the SJMH Marketing Department at 304-517-8612.