1.     Request Form for the Driver Eligibility Certificate is requested by the student at the SCHOOL OFFICE.


2.     Completed Request Form will be submitted by the student to the Truancy Diversion Specialist in Room M102d located in the Media Center.


School attendance, behavior and satisfactory academic progress are conditions of licensing for privilege of operation of motor vehicle


3. Status of student is checked and if the student is determined eligible, the school principal will sign  the Driver Eligibility Certificate and submit it to the County Attendance Director for approval.


4. Upon approval, the certificate will be available for the student to pick up in Room M102d.


TIME LINE:  Please allow approximately one week to complete this process (from date of request by student, until issuance of certificate).   Submitting the Request Form 5 days prior to going to the DMV will ensure that you have the necessary documentation from Gilmer County Schools as needed.  The Driver Eligibility Certificate will expire in 30 days from the date issued.

June to July

Students are responsible for obtaining the DMV Driver Eligibility Certificate for Instruction Permit or License form showing proof of enrollment/attendance two weeks prior to summer vacation. During the summer months the form is valid until the beginning of the following school term.  Students needing the DMV Driver Eligibility Certificate to take their driver’s instruction permit or license tests during summer months will need to pick up a request form in the main office at Gilmer County High School. Request forms will be processed, and the certificate issued before the last day of school provided that the requesting student meets all eligibility requirements.