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Gilmer County Schools

Patricia Lowther


County Logo

454 Vanhorn Drive

Glenville, WV 26351                   

             304-462-7386 phone                  

 304-462-5103 fax                       

Vision/ Mission


    Gilmer County Schools will efficiently and effectively provide the opportunity for every child to develop: literacy skills; the ability to perform mathematical functions; the ability to make informed choices among persons and issues that affect his or her governance; the ability to think creatively; the ability to assess self and his/her environment to develop options and choose life work; the ability to perform in the world of work and post-secondary education; the ability to live a healthy lifestyle; the ability to participate in recreational activities; and understanding of the creative arts; and a sense of responsibility to facilitate compatibility with others in society.



         Gilmer County Schools are committed to establishing high academic standards and providing high quality programs for every student.  In order to fulfill this general mission of Gilmer County Schools, the Gilmer County Board of Education has adopted the following specific mission statements:

    I.    Provide high quality education programs, student support services, and work-based experiences.

    II.    Provide high quality instructional and administrative practices,  personnel, facilities, instructional materials, technology integration, supplies, and equipment.

    III.    Provide a safe and caring environment that fosters supportive relationships and involves parents.

    IV.    Provide a demanding curriculum for all students, with emphasis on the core academic programs of study, coupled with high expectations communicated to students, parents, and communities.

    V.    Provide accountability measures to ensure the community that a thorough and efficient system of education is being provided to students enrolled in Gilmer County Schools.

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