Staff Directory

Office of the Superintendent

Gabriel J. Devono, Superintendent of Schools   Email

304-462-7386 Ext. 9


Executive Secretary/ Coordinator of Administrative Services   

Rebecca Minigh, Coordinator    Email

304-462-7386 Ext. 8



Dan Minney, Treasurer   Email

304-462-7386 Ext. 3

Sherry Ratliff, Accounts Payable/Payroll    Email

304-462-7386 Ext. 3

Caitlyn Greynolds, Payroll Supervisor   Email

304-462-7386 Ext. 3


Federal Programs/Special Education/PreSchool/Testing

Patty Lowther, Director   Email

304-462-7386 Ext. 7

Darlene Smithson, IEP Specialist Ext. 7   Email

Nancy Minney, Secretary Ext. 7  Email


Director of Curriculum and Federal Programs

Kyre-Anna Minney   Email

304-462-7386 Ext. 6


Food Service/Transportation/Maintenance/Administrative Assistant

Joe Frashure, Director   Email

304-462-7386  Ext. 4



Judith A. Stalnaker, Director   Email

304-462-7386 Ext. 5



Steve Rollins, Supervisor   Email

304-462-7386 Ext. 2


Sam Perrin, Maintenance   Email

304-462-7386 Ext. 2